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Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness

A little about Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness 

Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness grew from a concept to expand excellent mental health service access to our communities by doing things differently.  Our values have always been centered around providing exceptional client-centered care, responsive communication with community partners, honing in therapeutic skills to offer the best therapeutic alliance possible with our clients, and having fun while supporting our clients in their growth and meeting their goals.  

What started out as two clinical social workers offering adoption home studies and A&D evaluations as Courser Lapo Clinical and Family Services, has grown into a team of 25+ therapists in five locations working in their zone of genius to help clients envision achievable change.  We join in the hard work with our new clients and then we celebrate with them as they move on with new skills, new strategies, and new mindsets.

The mission of Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness

Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness's mission is to support, contribute to and provide optimal resources for individuals' psychological wellness and overall well-being for all ages. Additionally, we value our communities and support the overall wellness and growth of its members.

At Therapeutic Wellness, we're proud to offer various clinical and family services.

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Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness is proud to offer clinical and family service options such as therapy, adoption home studies, custody evaluations, and much more in the communities we serve.
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