Ashley Schroeder is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who enjoys helping others learn how to slow down, enjoy the moment, and use challenges to grow stronger. Ashley has 8+ years of experience working with children, adults, and families in both outpatient mental health and school settings. Through her work, Ashley hopes to help others understand that mental health care is important and available for people of all ages. She is endorsed as an infant mental health specialist and has much experience working with young children and their families. Ashley is particularly passionate about treating individuals struggling with anxiety, relational stressors, and other symptoms related to life transitions. Ashley also frequently works with, and has a special interest in, serving older teenagers and young adults.

Ashley is available to help clients rediscover themselves and learn how to move forward.  She recognizes the importance of adjusting interventions to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual. She has helped many experience positive change through the use of cognitive-behavioral approaches. Ashley helps others learn how to recognize problematic thought patterns and develop more productive, healthy response styles. Ashley values mindfulness techniques and uses them frequently in her work.

Ashley works primarily out of the Manhattan office. She also is available for in-home services in Junction City on a limited basis.

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  • Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relational Stressors,
  • Adjustment-related Disorders
  • attachment and Bonding
  • Positive Parenting
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