It means ‘the warmth of sun in winter.’ It is an extraordinarily beautiful word for something so simple. And beautiful simplicity is essential. Especially as the long winter months drag and drown our best attempts at progression. The dull seasonal grind can affect our jobs, our personal lives, and our own inner happiness. Maybe it is something about the post-holiday...[ read more ]

6 Signs Your Teen May Be Depressed

As teens struggle through the tough transition period of childhood into young adulthood, it can be difficult to decipher a teen’s behavior. Are their out-of-control emotions and conduct a result of the natural process of adolescence, or is it something more serious?According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2016 approximately 3.1 million adolescents between the ages of 12...[ read more ]

How to Help Children Understand Terrifying Events

As a parent, your job is to make sure your kids grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment. While it’s possible for you to control your immediate environment – your home –  it’s simply not possible to ensure the greater world around your child is safe and free from trauma or natural disasters.The latest research points to the...[ read more ]

Love Is An Interesting Construct

Love is an interesting construct. If you ask an anthropologist, they will say a construct is both social and cultural appropriation, used to define something familiar to us. If you ask a psychologist, they will tell you it is a notion that can be felt but not measured. If you ask a philosopher, they suggest that the existence of this...[ read more ]

6 Great Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Bond

Love is a beautiful thing, and there’s nothing more amazing than feeling the bond you share with your partner get stronger. If you’re in a happy relationship, you can keep it that way by introducing a few new things into your relationship. Here are 6 evidence-based approaches that will help you enjoy a more fulfilling connection.Listen- Listening is a great way...[ read more ]

I Thought 30 Would Be The Year For Change

I thought 30 would be the year for change. I was wrong. 30 years. 3 decades. An undeniable moment and achievement. Ripe for evaluation and change. So I was also right. I remember making a Pinterest board. Secret, of course. Just for me. Full of healthy habits and resolutions. Health. Fitness. Reading. Writing. Of course, what I got instead was...[ read more ]
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