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We offer secure, digital intake forms and secure methods of communication with our practice. We are a paperless practice and require our intake paperwork to be completed online. Only with special circumstances can we accept paper intake packets. In most cases, the online paperwork is quicker to complete.

There are three options below to access our online paperwork: New Clients, Rock Creek School-Based Clients, and Established Clients. Please click the button to access the correct online paperwork for your needs. You do not need to access all. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Care team at (785) 560-3101: 1# if you need help or have questions about the online paperwork being requested from you.

Rock Creek Schools have partnered with Courser Lapo Clinical and Family Services to provide mental health services in the school setting. Students are referred through the Rock Creek Schools liaison who works with the student's parents/guardians to complete the first steps of the intake process. If you have any questions throughout this online paperwork process, please call or text our Client Care team at (785) 560-3101; 1# and they will happily answer your questions.

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