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It is Holiday Season! This time of year is crazy for many people. From family gatherings to Christmas breaks with children to buying gifts for all the people close to you. While this time of year can be fun, it can also be very stressful. It is important to remember your mental health during the Holiday Season in order to stay on top of your mental health.


Dealing with loss can be especially hard during the holidays. This time of year is usually spent with family and friends, so when those people are no longer present feelings of grief can be magnified. There are ways to minimize these feelings. A good way to combat grief is to surround yourself with the people you do have in your life. While no one can replace the person you've lost, it is important to surround yourself with the people important to you, especially at this time of year. It is also helpful to also remember that person at this time of year. Try doing something that makes you feel close to them. Maybe you lost your dad and you had a tradition around Christmas to build a snowman together. Keep this tradition going and maybe do it with your child or spouse instead. Reminiscing on fond memories can be sad, but it can also bring you peace through remembering that you have great memories with that person. Our hearts here at Courser Lapo go out to those dealing with loss at this time, as it is not an easy task.


Holidays can be a source of stress for many reasons. With Holiday time off, you may be scrambling to get all your work done on time. To handle this issue, try delegating time in your day for work while also scheduling time in your day for some stress coping mechanisms. Financial stress is a huge problem around Holidays. With buying presents for all the people you care about, it can be stressful figuring out who gets what and how to stay within reasonable pricing. A good way to handle this is to create a budget. With your monthly income, budget some money for gifts. You could start doing this with each paycheck. When you get paid, set aside some money to go to your fund for gifts. Maybe start doing this in November so that by Christmas time you have accumulated enough for all your gifts. Whilst you may experience some financial stress during the Holidays, these tactics can help minimize the severity.


Unfortunately, seasonal depression and holiday season can overlap. Handling seasonal depression can become more difficult during holiday season because of all that is going on. One of the best things you can do for seasonal depression during the holidays is to partake in all the different holiday festivities. In our Blog about seasonal depression, I talked about how a good way to treat seasonal depression was to stay connected. Partaking in the holiday festivities is a great way to stay connected, or even rekindle old connections. Go to your family gatherings and the activities your town puts on for the holidays. These activities can be enjoyable and improve your mental state. When handling this disorder, it is very important to know when you need help. Lean on your support system through this difficult time. Reach out to those that care about you and share what is going on. Talk to your therapist about your seasonal depression and ask for help treating it. Seasonal Depression is a real disorder and can effect the Holidays if not taken care of. Try these coping mechanisms and prevention methods when struggling with seasonal depression.

These are just a few of the common issues faced around the Holidays. If you or someone you know need help navigating their mental health, reach out to us! We are here to help you.

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