Jesi Courser Downs, LSCSW

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness." This famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote can be applied to many situations. When we get stuck -- in a rut at work, in a stormy relationship, in a lukewarm marriage, with our children -- we suffer but are often pulled to focus on the problem rather than finding a solution. Sometimes, we're not aware of what the actual issue is. All we can do is try to avoid the pain, skirt problems, even pretend we are fine. We are blocked by fear -- another word for anxiety. Together, we can walk slowly through that fear, and find that light.

If you are ready for change, call. I can assist you in working through your pain in a way that is right just for you. I use techniques from The Gottman Institute, mindfulness and family-systems approach in a safe and warm environment, with the belief that a dash of humor doesn't hurt.

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