Maddie Noyes

Maddie Noyes is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker who is passionate about normalizing the need for a little help navigating the ups and downs of life and working alongside others to listen, validate, and empower them as they heal. Maddie has experience working with individuals experiencing anxiety and depression, mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, and self-esteem. Maddie is passionate about working with children and adolescents who may be experiencing a difficult home-life, relationship problems, emotional abuse, adjustment issues, and developmental stressors.

Through her lived experiences and professional education, Maddie recognizes the bravery in seeking help to work through emotional trauma and the importance of a trusting therapeutic relationship. She is committed to tailoring treatment to the individual needs of each client by using a pool of therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, and solution-focused therapies.  Maddie is in the process of initiating training for EMDR to address complex trauma.  

Maddie serves clients out of the Manhattan office and via Telehealth.


  • Anxiety
  • EMDR
  • Grief/Loss
  • Mood Disorders
  • Parent/Child Relationships
  • Trauma

Office Hours

Monday: 10am-5pm (Manhattan or Telehealth) 

Tuesday: 10am-5pm (Manhattan or Telehealth) 

Wednesday: 10am-5pm (Manhattan or Telehealth) 

Thursday: 10am-5pm (Manhattan or Telehealth) 

Friday: 10am-5pm (Manhattan or Telehealth) 

Evening Appointments Available Upon Request
(785) 560-3101

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