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May is Mental Health Month! In honor of this month, we want to expand upon the term we use on our social media 24/7, and you may even hear it come up in session! Here at Courser Lapo, we highly value self-care as it is so important for promoting wellbeing. So, what can self care look like for you?


The way you define self-care isn't uniform to everyone. Obviously what makes me happy is different from what will make you happy. The true meaning of self care is simply taking care of yourself. When we refer to self care, we are referring to participating in an action that will promote your wellbeing. It's important to tailor your self-care methods to what you are currently experiencing. For example, if you're stressed and someone suggests some self-care, the ideal would be something that is de-stressing for you. Maybe your self-care looks different than others, that's ok! This concept of self-care, is specific to each of us. Caring for yourself can come in many different forms. So, need some ideas? We have some!!


  1. Clean up - This self-care method isn't for everyone. However, sometimes a clean house is all you need to lift your spirits!
  2. Go for a walk - There's no greater medicine than physical activity. The natural endorphins produced by exercise are bound to lift your spirits and relieve any stress you're experiencing!
  3. Take a hot bath - Bath's are known to be relaxing. Light a few candles, throw in some bath salts and relax, you deserve it.
  4. Read a book - Reading can be a mental escape. Feeling overwhelmed? Grab a book and escape your stress and mind for a little bit.
  5. Spend time with Family - The love that family can provide you is so powerful. Surround yourself with those that you consider family when the going gets tough!
  6. Go out with Friends - Seeing your friends is a great way to practice self-care. Whether it's venting about your day, watching a movie, or just catching up, everything is better with company!
  7. Take a day off - If you're really struggling, maybe a self-care day is what you need. This may just look like taking the day to get your home in order or run errands. Sometimes we just need a break from the daily hustle!
  8. Practice Gratitude - Maybe you don't have the ability to take a day designated for self-care, you can practice gratitude at any time! Make a list of all the things you're thankful for! When we're down, we often times forget all the great things about life.
  9. Pick up your favorite meal - It really is the little things in life that make the difference. Something as simple as eating your favorite meal can help.
  10. Book a trip! - Research show's there are numerous benefits for taking time off and getting away. For example, one study found that women who vacation at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic stress than women who vacation less than once every two years.
  11. Make a sweet treat - Eating foods that contain sugar can release dopamine, one of our happy hormones! Remember that sugar is okay in moderation!
  12. Sleep!!! - This is actually a necessity for mental and physical wellbeing. A study published in PNAS Plus found that women need 8–10 hours of sleep per night, and men need 7–8 hours. Make sure you are letting your body and mind rest!
  13. Problem Solve - Sometimes solving the problem causing you stress or sadness is the best self care method. Maybe you're stressed about money, create a budgeting template!
  14. Sit Outside - Being outside has so many benefits. Bonus points if it's in the sun! Sunlight produces Vitamin D, kills bacteria, and produces Serotonin!
  15. Talk to someone! - Talking to someone about anything can relieve so much built up emotion. Not sure who to talk to? We have clinicians with openings!

Self care is SO important for your physical and mental wellbeing. It's not a uniform concept, and can come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you're taking 10 minutes of your day to practice gratitude, or you're going to take a week off and go to your favorite place, we're proud of you for practicing self care! Most of all, we are proud of you for comitting to and striving for wellness!

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