New Clients

We are glad you have chosen Courser Lapo Clinical and Family Services for your mental health needs. It's an honor to support you on your journey to meeting your goals.

If you are coming into our office:
You will complete all of your intake paperwork prior to your appointment; therefore, you do not need to arrive early for your appointment. Simply text your therapist through our Spruce app when you arrive at your appointment and remain in your vehicle. Our lobby is closed due to help reduce COVID-19 spread, so your therapist will get you when they are ready to start your appointment. Also, remember to wear a mask in our common areas and in areas with a mask mandate, during your session.

If you are participating by telehealth:
Keep your phone, tablet, or computer nearby so you can answer the call from your therapist.


Here are the three steps to complete within 24 hours after you schedule your appointment.

Download our secure Spruce app for communication with your therapist. You will or should have received an invitation to the Spruce app in your text messages from our number (785) 560-3101. If you didn't, you can download it from the link below.

Download Our Spruce app Here

Once you download this app (it only takes one minute), all secure communication between you and your therapist occurs in this app. The app allows for phone calls, faxes, SMS text messages, and telehealth.

Complete the forms located in the Therapy Portal. You will or should have received the Therapy Portal welcome letter with instructions to set a login and password. Please enter your contact information and emergency information. You also need to upload a photocopy of the front and back of your insurance card(s) in there. You will have access to all of the required intake documents in the TherapyPortal. Login in Courser Lapo's Therapy Portal

Courser Lapo Therapy Portal

This is the place you can log in and see upcoming scheduled appointments and make scheduling changes as needed.

Complete the New Client Intake Packet. This intake packet needs to be completed 48 hours prior to your first appointment

We will reach out to you with a reminder if it is not completed prior to your appointment. Our policy is to cancel any appointments which are missing the intake paperwork by 5pm the day prior to your appointment. It can be rescheduled once the New Client Intake Packet is completed.
(785) 560-3101

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