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EMDR Intensives

Information on EMDR Intensive Programs
EMDR Intensives are a more flexible model of therapy to provide you with the support you need quickly and effectively. EMDR intensives are focused, personalized treatment plans that zone in on specific goals. The goal of Intensive EMDR Therapy is to help you get relief faster and more efficiently, so that you can get back to living your life instead of spending months or years in therapy.

Perhaps you have been making progress with your primary therapist but you are noticing that the cognitive shifts and the emotions or body sensations still seem stuck. This can be frustrating and confusing. EMDR Intensives can help to un-stick those feelings that don’t make cognitive sense. We can work together in collaboration with your primary therapist to pinpoint what we need to focus on with EMDR to remove those roadblocks and keep your progress flowing.

Perhaps your schedule does not allow for weekly therapy appointments, or you just don’t have space for spending months of time in therapy to address your treatment goals. EMDR Intensives can bring relief quickly when you need it most.

Feel better faster, sounds great, right? So, how does it work?
EMDR Intensives are short-term therapy designed as extended sessions (2-3 hours each session). This allows sufficient time to dive deep into the issues and get a lot of work done in one session before sending you on your way. Two, three, or four sessions of EMDR intensive sessions equal MONTHS of traditional 1-hour weekly therapy sessions progress.

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