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Emotional Support Animal Evaluations

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) evaluation is required for consideration of an ESA letter.  Property managers and landlords may require tenants to provide an ESA letter along with various documents related to an animal prior to determining if they will accept an ESA on their property.  Not all mental health professionals are trained or competent in assessing the medical need for an Emotional Support Animal to reside with the tenent.  At Courser Lapo, we specialize in assessing the medically necessary need for an ESA.  If the client meets the requirements, our therapists will provide a letter to the client which they will submit to their property manager. 

We offer ESA evaluations in the Manhattan and Belleville offices and via telehealth in Kansas and Nebraska. These assessments typcially require two-four sessions to allow the provider to fully assess whether the individual qualifies for an ESA, to provide appropriate education about ESA laws and regulations, to recommend follow-up services, and to write the ESA housing letter.

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