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Expressive Art

Expressive art therapy has recently come into the therapeutic space as an effective tool for clients who need something in addition to regular talk based therapy.  Music, movement, drama, and art serve as the basic building blocks for this medium. The non-traditional perspective that the expressive arts provide help build safety and security as clients work through difficult emotions.

Supplemental services in session might look like guided meditation with music, aromatherapy, body scans and muscle relaxation. For those who might benefit from busy work with hands, this resembles activities like mask building, puppets, clay and paint work, and sensory or sand play. Additionally, creative journaling, colorful mood tracking, poetry and literature study are all useful tools in session.

These therapies work to serve both traditional and neurodiverse populations. They can be essential for clients who need safety and space from their trauma as they seek a different means to heal through texture, sound, prose, and expression.

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