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First Responders

First responders are trained to put the lives of others before their own, often faced with tragedy, trauma and unimaginable circumstances.  It is a tough job, and now, it is harder than ever.  You may be faced with crime scene trauma, work stress, secondary trauma, burnout, anxiety, substance abuse, overwhelming stress, office politics, depression, anxiety, isolation, anger and much more.  

We invite you to share the burden with a trusted therapist.  The repetitive nature of some of the horrific circumstances you may have endured creates a mounting effect in your body system and it is outside of our human capacity to be able to carry such trauma, alone.  Carrying trauma alone deteriorates mental health and can affect all aspects of your life. You have carried so many people and families through suffering with significant compassion and care, let us, at Courser Lapo Therapeutic Wellness help alleviate those stressors. We understand the culture of being able to handle it all, but sometimes, talking about it and opening up to someone else, may save your life, help you find balance and continue to work for the people you have committed to serving. 

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