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School-Based Therapy

Unfortunately, the need for individual and specialized treatment among our county’s students is greater than the time and resources our school counselors have available to them. Our school counselors are deeply invested in the success of the children referred and work with our therapists to provide a link between the child and the classroom, as well as additional support for the child and parent. When they are not on the school property, our therapists look to the school counselors for updates on behavior, grades and successful interventions. The counselors with whom we work often ask us for consultations when needed or to recommend behavioral goals for students’ individualized education plans. Collectively, our approach is that the more supportive services we can provide to children and their families, the greater the outcomes will be.

Our therapy practice has built a partnership with Rock Creek Schools, Wamego Schools, Concordia Schools where a licensed therapist will come to the school building to meet privately with a child and provide individual therapy. We continue to make connections with other school districts as we have seen first-hand the benefits to children, families, and the school that regular therapy can provide. We have therapists who are eager to come in person to your school or use technology during the school day to provide emotional support for children whose needs exceed what is available to them. Consistently getting children to regular therapy appointments outside of school can be difficult for parents and children will typically miss a couple hours for the travel to and from school. By allowing therapists to provide services in the school building during the school day, children miss less school while still getting their emotional needs met consistently which we have seen positively impact their school performance (improves grades, school attendance, reduces dropout rates), health (reduces physical symptoms caused by emotions), and safety (improves behavior). 

Therapy in the schools has no cost or other support from the school; it only requires a private office for the therapy services to be held in; our support staff will work with the families directly for intake paperwork, insurance, and co-payments just as we would for any other child we serve through our practice.

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