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Adoption Home Studies

Adoption Home Study is one of the first steps in the adoption process, that ensures a potential adoptive home is suitable for a child(ren). The purpose of a home study is to prepare potential adoptive families for the addition of a child(ren) into their home through adoption, proving that an adopted child would be safe and nurtured in the prospective home, while sharing the essence of the potential adoptive family.

The initial visit is conducted in the office, this is an opportunity to meet the social worker, and ask questions about the home study process. A second visit is conducted in the home of the potential adoptive parent(s). An assessment of the home for safety (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, secured firearms, protected pool, child proofing,) and appropriate space for a child(ren), is conducted.  Next, is the interview of all family members within the home.  The information collected includes a detailed family history, background checks for any family member over the age of 10, (to ensure there is not a history of child abuse and neglect, or criminal activity), financial stability, a social network of support for adoption and parenting, stability of partnership/marriage, health status and other risk factors.  Finally, the end result of the home study is a written report by the social worker, provided to the potential adoptive family, the agency involved with the adoption and court system. Most families sail through the process feeling confident and even more excited about having a child(ren) join their family.

The following documents are required for the home study and will be collected during the in home visit: 

  • Three letters of reference from non-family

  • Physician’s clearances, stating you are without medical or mental health difficulties inhibiting your ability to parent a child and medications prescribed

  • Health insurance status and benefits

  • Your assets and debits information

  • A copy of last year’s income tax

  • A monthly budget

  • Guardianship information for your child in the event of your death

  • Copies of birth certificates on all household members

  • Copies of marriage license & divorce decrees (if applicable)

  • Verification of current employment and employment on both parents since graduation from either college or high school

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