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Telemental Health Counseling

Telemental Health, also called online counseling, distance therapy, or e-therapy, is a way to offer counseling, psychotherapy, and assessment services over the internet. A unique benefit to online counseling and consultation is that you receive therapeutic support from the comfort of your home or office

Easy Access

An in-office, in-person session is often a preferred mode of providing therapy, however, online services are offered for those who specifically seek support in more specialized areas, but are unable to access our office due to the commute to the specialized therapist and their office location.

Secure and Private

We offer live, secure (confidential and private) online video counseling. Partners or family members who are not in the same location can join sessions via group online video conferencing as well. We use technology that is safe and HIPAA compliant to protect your private health information.

Equipment Needed For Online Counseling

  • A digital device (such as a computer, tablet, or even your smartphone) in a private area (for your own privacy at your home)
  • Internet (High Speed is best, at least 5 Mbps)
  • Earpods or earphones with a Microphone (attached or connected to your electronic device, laptop or computer)
  • Webcam, if you are using a computer (a video camera attached or connected to your electronic device, laptop or computer monitor)

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