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It's February! That means that the holiday we all know and either hate or love is coming up. Valentine's day can be a fun holiday for couples to celebrate. From flowers to chocolates to romantic dates, it is a day celebrating relationships. This can lead to those that are single feeling down on this day. However, it actually isn't just for those in relationships! Valentine's day is more about celebrating love in general. Not sure how to celebrate as a single but want to stop hating the holiday? Here are some ideas!


You don't need to be in a relationship to be loved! In fact, one of the most important forms of love is self-love. Celebrate yourself on valentines! Do things that you love. Self care equals self love. Take a bubble bath, watch your favorite movies, eat ice cream, do a face mask, get a massage, and just do things that promote your happiness and self love! Learning how to be alone and not feel lonely is extremely beneficial. This is a great concept to have a hold on that will help you through hard and lonely times in future moments. Put yourself first this valentine's day!


I'm sure you have heard the phrase "Galentines." Essentially, galentines is when women celebrate with each other rather than significant others. Typically, they get together and embrace the holiday with valentines movies and snacks, etc. Last year, I was away from my significant other on valentines day due to long distance. I struggled with the idea of not being with my significant other on the day that is supposed to celebrate relationships. So on valentines day, a few friends and I went out to eat and saw a movie at the theatre. It definitely kept me distracted from being away and I had lots of fun. Spending valentines day with with friends is a great way to combat feelings of loneliness on this holiday. Men can do this too! Maybe that looks like playing basketball with your friends or having drinks with them or going to an event together. Reach out to your friends this Valentine's day!


Who better to celebrate love with than those who loved you first! You may think it would be weird to celebrate valentine's day with your family. However, how many times did your parents help you celebrate Valentine's day when you were younger? Whether it was buying you candy, helping you build your basket for the school valentines day party, getting you a valentines day gift, helping you make valentines, etc. Have dinner with your parents or visit a sibling! Family is usually our great support system. Being surrounded by your support system is a great way to combat those feelings of loneliness around valentines.

Hopefully these tips can help you enjoy Valentine’s Day this year. You don’t have to have a significant other to enjoy and celebrate the holiday! Do something for yourself or with friends and family this Valentines Day!

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